BMW 425d F33 Cabrio Europe B47

Left-hand drive, Transmission: Neutral



Important notice! ---------------------------------------- Compliance with the following Information and instructions for correct Battery replacement is absolutely Mandatory! - ISTA Document RA_61_20_Instructions_for_battery_ Replacement ---------------------------------------- For additional information, see: - Battery master document ISTA_Document_SI_61_07_02_(875) ---------------------------------------- The original battery (battery size and Type) as indicated in the vehicle's Order specifications must always be Installed to ensure correct operation of The on-board electrical system! ---------------------------------------- If the vehicle is equipped with an IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor), the Battery must be registered via the Diagnostic system (ISTA); this process Also registers the battery with the Vehicle's on-board electrical system. ---------------------------------------- Standard batteries can always be Replaced by AGM batteries with the same Specifications. Following either type of replacement, The vehicle registration process in ISTA/P must be supplemented by a vehicle Coding procedure, which is carried out As follows: ---------------------------------------- Read out battery size and registration From onboard electrical system: ISTA->Service functions->Body->Voltage Supply->Register_battery replacement-> Test plan ----------------------------------------

Attention: The installed 92Ah AGM battery must be Replaced By the 90Ah AGM battery!
# Description
Supplement Date Quantity Weight Price USD
Original BMW AGM-battery


The installed 92Ah AGM battery must be 


By the 90Ah AGM battery! 

 i  61 21 6 924 023

92 AH

to Sep '16 1

26.2 kg

57.8 lb

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Battery, surface-mounted parts

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